Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and most exciting social media platforms out there for fashion, lifestyle and leisure brands. It lets a brand communicate its personality and lifestyle through posting visually rich content.

Pinterest is particularly brilliant for fashion brands, giving the opportunity to not only pin product shots but also brand-building content such as behind the scenes video, showroom tours, staff interviews; the list is endless!

Here are our top tips for using Pinterest as a fashion or lifestyle brand

1. Firstly, before you throw yourself in to using yet another social media platform, you need to make sure your house is in order. Do a website audit, make sure that it’s up to date and looks good with high quality photography and accurate product information.

2. Add the Pinterest follow button to each page of your site and pin it buttons beneath each of your product shots. You can get the coding for this from the Pinterest website and it’s incredibly easy to add.

3. 80 % of content on Pinterest is re-pinned. You want your brand's images to be in the 20 % meaning it’s much more likely to be liked and re-pinned. To ensure your content stands out, it goes without saying that your product photography should be high quality.

4. You don’t just have to pin product photography, a brand shouldn’t use Pinterest purely as a sales tool. It’s an amazing platform to humanise your brand so why not post behind the scenes video from shoots, interviews with staff or a tour of the offices or showroom. You can even create a TV board and use it solely for video as Pinterest supports YouTube.

5. When you do post product photography, always ensure you include a product price and a link to your site.  Pinterest automatically adds you to its gift category if a price is included.

6. Make sure you add each of your boards to a category so they can be found in search. You can do this by clicking on edit board then adding it to the relevant category, women's fashion, photography etc.

7. Use keywords, links and hash tags within your pin descriptions. Pinterest is great at enhancing SEO and the more backlinks you have, the higher up the rankings your site will go.

8. Pinterest, like all the other social media platforms is a community, re-pin and like your peers content and hopefully you can expect the same. Follow others that are relevant to your brand and get involved in conversations.

9. Keep an eye on your analytics and watch your referrals. You can use Google analytics or the recently launched Pinterest analytics but it’s relatively basic at the moment. You can check your site's traffic by using this link

So to summarise:

  1. Make sure your house is in order - there’s no use directing traffic to a messy or out of date website.
  2. Always use good quality photography or content.
  3. Think about what appeals to your target audience and pin accordingly; it’s about a lifestyle, not just a sales tool.
  4. Humanise your brand with relevant imagery and video.
  5. ALWAYS use keywords and links to your site within your pin descriptions.

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