How to manage a launch event

launch event manchester

How to manage a launch event Recently, we had the honour of being asked to contribute our expert advice to the best-selling book “The PR Bootcamp” by Angelica Malin. As a creative events agency, Purple Riot boasts an impressive 11-year track record in orchestrating launch events across many sectors. Our portfolio includes large-scale city and […]

Life of a neurodivergent Marketing and PR Executive.

Neurodivergent brain

Life of a neurodivergent Marketing and PR Executive. This week is Neurodiversity Celebration Week which aims to bring about worldwide neurodiversity acceptance, equality and inclusion in schools and workplaces. An estimated 1 in 7 people in the UK is neurodivergent, so why does it often feel like workplaces don’t cater to those on the spectrum?  […]

Surviving the creative process

the creative process

Anyone who works in a creative industry understands the highs and lows that are involved in the normal creative process…

Top tips on making it in fashion marketing

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Purple Riot recently took part in a panel discussion on how to make it in fashion marketing at The Fashion Networks Careers Day in Manchester. Along with Nikki Kitchen, Marketing Director of Purple Riot Marketing, there were speakers from Elvis Jesus, MMU and JD Williams. So here are our top tips on making it fashion marketing. […]