How can Digital PR enhance your marketing strategy?

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The role of Digital PR

Over the last year, it seems like the ‘Twittersphere’ has been awash with digital PR insights, killer case studies, and news and updates. Digital PR has become quite the buzzword, and you can’t go a day without hearing about the next incredible news jack or big brand trends takeover.

For a long time now, most savvy PR agencies have included link-earning as part of their campaigns and strategies. But, over the last couple of years, there’s been a definite shift in focus to how online content can be used more strategically to bolster press coverage results.

Creating linkable content

Whilst digital PR could be considered any press coverage that is online, more strategically the overall objective is to get links in authoritative press titles. And, in recent years, creativity in securing those holy grail backlinks has gone wild. For a successful digital PR campaign, the content that’s shared with journalists has to have a purpose or be compelling or fun. Whether you’ve generated some newsworthy market research stats or even created a stand-out piece of interactive website content, whatever you create needs to be specifically targeted to your audiences for maximum impact.

Unlike traditional print press coverage, once the content for your digital PR campaign is nailed, the potential for your assets to reach far and wide online is enormous. Through sharing with the right journalists your content has the opportunity to be seen globally and amplified through social media.

The snowball effect

The most impressive digital PR campaigns can earn links from just a small selection of top-tier press titles which can then snowball into landing multiple link placements. This drives brand awareness and increases the SEO authority of your website.

By authentically building relationships and providing good quality information and assets for key influencers and journalists, brands can establish themselves as leaders in their field. It won’t be long before you’re front and centre in a journalist’s mind for creative content or the latest trends and statistics.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Over the last couple of years, marketing teams, SEO experts, and PR’s have had to quickly learn about each other’s roles and how they can work together to deliver press coverage and strategic content that fits into broader digital marketing objectives.

Brands that haven’t adopted this approach and still don’t see PR as part of the marketing mix need to get on board or get left behind quickly. Social media teams, for example, are already very adept at creating reactive content that hijacks trends and the news agenda, so it’s understanding how this can turn into a digital PR opportunity.

The best thing about digital PR is that it’s measurable with tools such as Kantar, Gorkana and Google Analytics, making marketers very happy!

Recent examples of some effective Digital PR campaigns

Using data that’s open for anyone to access, such as Google Trends, can be a great source of inspiration for your next digital PR campaign. Interior design company, Dowsing & Reynolds used data available from Google Trends to assess the UK’s favourite candle scent, earning a link from Ideal Home. Check out the full list here.

Working with architects, Bloom & Wild created beautiful images to reimagine some of the world’s most recognised landmarks. The team compiled stunning graphics designed with plants and flowers for an eye-catching campaign which landed on House Beautiful.

This campaign by Leasing Options is a fun piece of interactive website content that allows users to spend as much of Elon Musk’s fortune as possible, offering a fun way to waste time on the internet.

The digital PR landscape is constantly evolving and while securing links can be a competitive sport, it’s a brilliant time to start considering how that next PR campaign can include killer content that delivers results with SEO goals in mind. And, if you need a PR agency that understands what makes a successful digital PR campaign then, get in touch here.

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